Made In is a shoe store with several physical stores in Lisbon. We offer a selection of the best footwear models from international and national brands, including Arezzo, Schutz and Cubanas.

Created in Portugal, Made in is an established brand and is known for its high quality, style and variety of products. Plus, we offer a personalized shopping experience and exceptional customer service.


Founded in 1972 by brothers Anderson and Jefferson Birman, Arezzo celebrates 50 years of history dedicated to the art of moving through the world of fashion and translating trends for real women.

Today, Arezzo is the largest retail fashion women’s footwear brand in Latin America and has a franchise network with 450 stores, being present in 180 municipalities in all Brazilian states.


Launched in 1995 by businessman Alexandre Birman when he was just 19 years old, Schutz has an innovative DNA. From the name that means “protection” to the idea of bringing to the Brazilian public a new style of women’s shoes restricted to international fashion.


Since 2005, Cubanas has traveled the world and reflects the desire to take quality and elegance beyond borders, in a very urban and innovative experience. Unrelated to previously programmed trends, the brand affirms, without prejudice, the timeless values of joy, freshness and irreverence. It is this unpredictable mix that makes each product a statement. Cubanas is a Portuguese brand. Initially focused solely on the footwear trade, Cubanas now has an expanded platform for manufacturing footwear and fashion accessories, with its own signed production. With the ambition of those who believe in the strength of authenticity, the Cubanas brand positions itself as a brand close to the consumer, adding to the concept an environment capable of translating and affirming its dynamics.